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Welcome to PHYSICAL ZINE. We are an unapologetically queer zine, celebrating gay and gay aligned culture, artists and humans.

Back in the 80's zines were a rebellious way to say "f%ck you" to society and all its rules. In the 90's they became more about sub-cultures and speaking to different groups of people about things that were of interest to them. Zines have always been a great expression of the times.

We had noticed the lack of zines out there to represent what we like and what we feel speaks to us.

Physical is just that. A celebration of the male human form, in all it's shapes and sizes. We feel that anyone can bee sexy and that everyone has a story, from the muscle guy to the geek, from the punk to the cowboy, young, old, perfect or scarred. We think everyone is someone. I hope you like the journey we will take you on, and thank you for supporting our vision.

The Physical Team.

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